Etiquette, Is it needed nowadays?

Etiquette is something that can help us have better manners and make others feel comfortable around us. It’s like having a secret code of behaviour that helps us be polite and show respect to everyone we meet. Let’s explore why etiquette is important, especially for kids like you:

Being respectful: Etiquette teaches us to be kind and respectful to others. By using words like “please” and “thank you,” and treating others with kindness, we show that we care about their feelings.

Making friends: Good manners and etiquette can help us make friends easily. When we are polite and considerate, people feel more comfortable around us and are more likely to want to be our friends.

Showing gratitude: Etiquette reminds us to say thank you when someone does something nice for us. It’s important to appreciate the help and kindness we receive from others.

Listening and taking turns: Etiquette teaches us to be good listeners and take turns when we are talking. This way, we can have better conversations and everyone gets a chance to share their thoughts.

Table manners: Learning table manners is an important part of etiquette. By using utensils correctly, chewing with our mouths closed, and sitting properly at the table, we show respect for others and make mealtime more enjoyable for everyone.

Following rules: Etiquette helps us understand and follow rules, whether it’s at home, school, or in public places. When we follow rules, we show that we care about the well-being of others and contribute to a safe and happy environment.

Being a good guest: Etiquette guides us on how to behave when we visit someone’s house or attend an event. By being polite, saying thank you to our hosts, and being mindful of others’ belongings, we show respect for their space and feelings.

Celebrating special occasions: Etiquette helps us know how to behave during special events like birthdays, weddings, or holidays. By being well-mannered and showing appreciation for the celebration, we can make these occasions more enjoyable for everyone involved.

Remember, etiquette is all about being kind, respectful, and considerate to others. By practicing good manners and etiquette, you can make a positive impact on the people around you and create a happier and friendlier environment. It is definitely needed nowadays!

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