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Customised Half Day Visiting Workshop

Presenting our exceptional services designed specifically for groups or companies with an audience of young children! We understand the importance of engaging and educating young minds in a fun and meaningful way. Whether you’re organizing an event, workshop, or program, our team is here to cater to your needs and provide an unforgettable experience for the children involved.

  • Etiquette: Our interactive etiquette sessions are perfect for groups of young children. We combine educational content with enjoyable activities to teach them valuable social skills, respect, and proper behavior. Through our engaging approach, we help children develop confidence and consideration for others.
  • Financial Literacy: Introducing financial literacy to young children in an engaging manner is our specialty. Our workshops and activities incorporate age-appropriate concepts such as saving, budgeting, and making wise choices. We empower children to develop a solid foundation of financial literacy while having fun along the way.
  • Self-Love & Wellness: Promoting wellness among young children is essential, and our wellness services do just that. We offer dynamic workshops and activities that encourage physical activity, healthy eating habits, and mindfulness techniques. By instilling wellness practices early on, we help children establish lifelong habits that contribute to their overall well-being.
  • Cookery: Engage the young participants with our delightful cookery services. Our skilled chefs will lead interactive cooking sessions, allowing children to explore the culinary world and learn about healthy ingredients and cooking techniques. Through hands-on experiences, children develop a love for cooking while enhancing their creativity and food appreciation.

We’re dedicated to providing enriching experiences that captivate young audiences. With our tailored services, you can create memorable events and programs that educate, entertain, and inspire children, setting the stage for their continued growth and success.

Fee is £500-£750 depending on your customised options

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We Come To Your Venue!

Lessons to include:

✅ Financial Literacy.  ✅ Self Love & Confidence

✅ Etiquette & Finishing.  and MORE‼️


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