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How Zaki bought his Bicycle

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A wonderful book for your child, introducing them to the world of Financial Literacy

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There is a tendency for children who have a good grasp of finances from a young age to grow up into adults who make smart financial decisions.

While this book will not be for everyone, It is intended to start a conversation between children and their parents. Most children want a lot of things and quite rightly perceive their parents as miracle workers who magically produce cash whenever they need it. And why not? After all, this is the innocence of childhood as there is so much more time to find out how the real world works.
Opening up the minds of your children through fun, relatable stories to terms that they will unfailingly encounter as they grow into adults and empowering them from now to see the possibilities that money can bring with proper understanding, planning, and preparation.

Come alongside Zaki on his adventures with money.


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