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Zaki’s A-Z Finance Words

A wonderful book that opens up the word of Financial Literacy language for your child.

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Financial literacy is a life skill. The earlier a child is introduced to finance words and concepts, the better equipped that child will be as they grow into adulthood.

This picture book is deliberately aimed at younger children (aged 3+) to introduce terminology that they will no doubt encounter as they grow older.

The book is laid out in alphabetical order with a sketched image on the adjacent side. I hope that an adult would briefly explain the meaning of the word before the child colours in the duplicate image; this repetition enhances their learning experience.

The aim is not to make them financial experts but to empower them with the tools to make everyday financial decisions.
For those that want to make a conscious effort to have open conversations while educating their children about money and finances, it is my hope that you will find this book a useful first step.

Come alongside Zaki & friends on their adventures with money.




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